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This is a story of two friends, Arjun & Uday, who pursued their education in culinary arts from the same college and now are business partners (Oh, wait for this part!). They both had their own very unique journeys in the culinary world. Arjun went on to train with the Marriott group of hotels & Uday was training with the Taj group of hotels. Post that, life took Uday overseas where he had the opportunity to train & learn from a 5 Michelin Star Chef - Paco Perez at his two separate Michelin starred stand-alone establishments - Terra(Girona) & Miramar (Llanca) in Spain. The most wonderful culinary learning experience of his life undoubtedly.


This experience not only exposed him to the passion and hard work that goes behind in being a cook, but also taught him some vital lessons to excel in this industry.

Two of the most impactful being - TEAM WORK &DIVERSITY.


 While Uday was on this gastronomic adventure in Spain, Arjun was busy opening his own ventures, credits to his great business skills and managerial qualities. Being an entrepreneurial personality, his inclination towards hunting ideas which can have an impact in the market became a daily life hustle. 


They connected over a long due conversation when COVID-19hit the world. In dilemma about the future & the overall human health, they found away out for a healthy lifestyle – handcrafted needs. Being passionate about the bakery & confectionary world, they began baking breads at home, focused on nurturing and kneading a healthy dough, along with some wholesome accompaniments for a guilt free experience.  


While they were busy baking loaves day in &out, they decided to explore the market in depth to understand better about the breads & daily essentials available on shelves for a regular consumer.

The results of their research were alarming. Majority of the commercial loaves & accompaniments rely on the exorbitant usage of synthetic flavour enhancers, chemical stabilisers, artificial thickening agents, flour treatment agents, added artificial wheat gluten, preservatives and food colourings.

 These “Commercial artificial Add-ons”alter the natural profile of each ingredient to suit their commercial scalability. While there are products with natural preservatives, the mass practice remains in the heavy usage of supplements, making it incomparable to what fresh food brings to our general well-being.


 It is now that both their skills & expertise merged to knead and handcraft clean nutrition for all your daily needs. 

Therefore, KNEED was born.




 thrives on a vision to increase awareness and yield a product that strikes a balance between nutrition and taste, where clients who choose to indulge in healthy & cruelty free eating do not compromise on the flavours what nature has to offer us.


 Hoping you and your loved ones relish what KNEED has to offer!



The Kneed family wishes you the best of health!