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 Vegan in simple terms is referred to consciously choosing and believing in a plant based diet over the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products. 

At KNEED, we are focused to bring out the best from plant based ingredients & shine a light on their incredible taste & a mountain full of benefits. 


It is a term used to highlight smaller batches of high quality production over the commercial low quality products. All "KNEEDS" are prepared fresh on order to bring out the best from the ingredients used, crafted for the better you! 

The difference is significant! Most of the flour available on shelves is chemically treated, in other terms - bleached. Bleached flour/ regular refined flour / maida is treated with chemical agents like benzoyl peroxide, potassium bromate or chlorine, which aids to speed up the aging of flour, giving it its white colour. Whereas, unbleached white flour is ages naturally and is denser & paler in nature & colour, retaining its nutrients. Unfortunately, the costs of procuring unbleached & unadulterated flour is a staggering 4 fold than the regular flour available in the market. 

Regardless, KNEED is driven to use the best ingredients in all of our loaves & believe in the power of fresh & clean nutrition. 

YES , we pre-slice our breads and pack them with utmost care to retain the moisture & freshness of the breads.

You can also request for unsliced breads by reaching out to our team via Whatsapp/Call.


Yes, There is a base fee depending upon the area pincode.

Yes, All orders contain Premium KNEED embossed Loquat Wood spoon, Designed for reusability. 

Since we are committed to deliver everything freshly made, We take a minimum of 1 to 2 days to deliver your KNEEDS. Regardless, we continue to work towards improving your experience with us & deliver the orders as soon as possible. 

We are always there for you ! 

Please connect with us at or call +919953191989 for any assistance if needed. 

Oil separation can occur as nuts of any kind release natural oils over a period of time. If you experience this, just simply stir the peanut butter before consuming. 

Keep the KNEED Peanut butters stored in a cool, dry place like a cupboard or pantry. Refrigeration is a good option too. 

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