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You can pair hummus with?

You can pair hummus with?

Hummus – call it a dip/spread, just diverse in nature.  There is always a question as to what to eat with this famous Mediterranean dish. Hummus can come to your rescue on numerous occasions and we are here to give you some amazing ways to serve hummus. It is a healthy snack and can be eaten by all age groups.

Traditionally, hummus is a combination of chickpeas, tahini paste, lime juice, olive oil, garlic, and salt. A fresh and creamy texture makes it easy for it to be paired with different varieties of foods. This was already popular in the Mediterranean; slowly it tickled the taste buds of many countries. There are many variations available for people to relish – adding peanuts, onions (caramelised), and olives. For those with chickpea allergy, they can also make a different hummus by changing the base and using cauliflower, kidney or white bean, and even zucchini.

Let us see what to eat with hummus. Ummm, nearly everything!

  •  Pita Bread - A combination of pita bread with hummus is an absolutely classic way to relish the dish. Take pita bread, cut them into triangles or the shape you want, and bake them till they are a bit crispy, plate it warm with some hummus, and there you go. A crispy layer gives another level of taste and texture to the whole dish, you can even pull some pita bread (without baking) and dig in directly – an excellent choice in either way.
  • You can even use some bread slices – be it sourdough loaf or any flavoured one.
  • If you are looking for a perfect party snack, you can get some plain salted chips and have people sit with their individual portion
  • Crispy tortilla chips are another way to accompany hummus with.
  • Rice crackers can be a show stealer – these are the best option if you want to give you or your guest a burst of taste and new addition to the party
  • A healthier option to pick would be bagel chips, these can be your perfect partner in crime and make you eat the right way
  • You can even add veggies of your choice to go well on a hummus platter – Carrot & celery sticks, cucumber, broccoli, radish, sugar snap, and snow peas, and much more
  • Crackers when paired with hummus make it a deadly combination. Get any cracker of your choice, but be sure that you do not go over flavour anything as it will kill the overall taste of hummus. You can have some nice Triscuits – wheat crackers, this adds a great texture and crunch and blends well with hummus.


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