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Top 7 Gluten-Free Flours in India

Top 7 Gluten-Free Flours in India

Everyone knows that flour has a prominent place when it comes to our diet. Flour is a common component that is used in everyday meals – bread, desserts, noodles, etc. While there is an increased inquisitiveness amongst people who are gluten intolerant, to know what flour they can add to their diet which is gluten-free. Grains like wheat, barley, rye, and a few others have a good amount of gluten in them.

So, here we are with a list of healthy gluten-free flour to your rescue, make some nice pancakes or bake something good. Now, you don’t have to worry if you have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

Buckwheat (kuttu atta) – You would think buckwheat would be from the wheat family and would contain gluten? The answer is No – it is not derived from wheat, nor does it contain gluten. These are like small seeds which are grounded till it turns into flour, it has a nice robust flavor. You can make bread or pancakes from these. It is packed with protein and other minerals- a great source of vitamin B, fiber, and many more

Amaranth flour – Rich in fiber and protein. These are seeds derived from the amaranth plant. Full of nutrition and has antioxidants in it. This flour is also called the superfood and a good souce of vitamins A, B & C and calcium. If you wish to bake some good, do mix it with other flours for better texture.

Brown rice – this flour is made out of rice that is not processed and shelled out. The rice bran is intact and it has germ and endosperm as well. Rich source of amino acids, protein, and fiber. This flour has a nutty taste to it and makes it an excellent choice for cakes, noodles, pancakes, and bread.

Jowar/sorghum – these are not seeds but whole grains which are ground to form flour. Has a little sweet taste to it. Sorghum is high in vitamins and minerals; it also is packed with antioxidants, iron, and protein. It helps in digestion and also stabilizes sugar levels.

Makkai/cornmeal – cornmeal is called Makka/makai in India. Again the whole bran along with the germ & endosperm are grounded together. This is an amazing source of magnesium, fiber, iron, folate, and many other minerals. These are made into bread and tortillas and even consumed with Sarson ka saag in our desi style

Tapioca/sabudana – liquid is extracted from the cassava root and is made into tapioca flour. These are used as a thickening agent in many dishes and sauces. It has fiber, protein, and other nutrients. You would need to mix some flour to make some nice dishes.

Chickpea/besan/gram – our good old besan/gram flour which is used in a variety of dishes. It is an excellent substitute for eggs. Rich in vital nutrients, protein and fiber. It has an amazing taste. Make some cheela, tortillas, and flatbread from it.

There are a few other flours as well which provide an excellent source of fiber and nutrients and are healthy too – coconut, almond, oats, and a few others are available easily. Whenever you buy these flour, ensure that they are not churned with other grains which have gluten in them, or else it will be contaminated.


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