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Veganism might not be a conventional way to go about one’s diets, but it certainly is an environmentally-conscious choice to make to secure our present and future. Although plant-based alternatives have become increasingly popular by the day, there are also many misconceptions floating around about vegan food culture. People think it isn’t as easy going as the other food regimes, which is nothing more than a word of mouth in grapevine without any spine to it.


Vegan food line has its own comfort food items that one can resort to in the times when their laziness hits them the hardest. Kneed, an artisanal bakery soon becoming a go-to name for vegan lovers, helps you stock these comfort items and elevate your vegan regime to be lazy healthily.


The top 5 food products making to the list of comfort bites include:


Cinnamon and Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter with Whole Wheat and Quinoa Loaf

Cinnamon and raisin swirl gives a smooth texture to the slightly rough on edges whole-wheat and quinoa bread, making it a perfect balance for a delightful yet lazy treat. Healthy and easily available at Kneed, this duo is meant to leave your buds craving for more.


Olive-therapy Hummus with 5-seed Gluten-free Bread

Hummus is undoubtedly becoming one of the favourite choices for vegan buffs, but imagine it levelling up and getting its A-game on to boggle your mind and belly for good. Olive therapy hummus paired with 5-seed gluten-free bread makes for a healthy treat as it packs high nutritive value in a palette of diverse favours.


Chocolate and Pecan Peanut Butter with Maple & Oats Loaf

Betty Botter bought a bit of butter but this butter was not bitter because it was a healthy dose on a lazy day sourced straight from the vegan hub, Kneed. Pecan Peanut Butter, offering a velvety consistency and delicious taste, especially when complemented with maple & oats loaf to form a unique but unmatched pair.


Coco Rush Granola or Chocolate Alchemy Granola with a side of fruits or oat milk

Ah, here comes our personal favourite. Coco Rush Granola and Chocolate Alchemy Granola have been loved by the people, especially the youth that craves just a little more chocolate in their meal. Making to the list of top 5 comfort foods, the crunchy granola could be consumed with a side of fruits or oat milk.


Truffle Mushroom Spreadip with Classic Gluten-free Bread

Our two-in-one spreadip has been taking spread as well as dip lovers for a ride with truffle mushroom spreadip in the lead. Joining the expedition of comfort foods is our classic gluten-free bread. Serving as a quick solution to all our too-lazy-to-cook moods, this combination makes sure we are getting our portion of nutrition in place while not compromising with the quality of food either.


These five comfort foods will take us farther than fast-food, junk and other on-the-way bites and healthily so. Filling our bellies and hearts alike, the top 5 comfort bites for lazy days have the potential to transform our eating habits. We, at Kneed, are understanding and amplifying this vegan lens to deliver these items and help you in shifting to a healthier vegan food diet.


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