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Panini - Is it different from regular bread?

Panini - Is it different from regular bread?

Many of us are not aware of how many types of bread are there and their basic difference. Even the veggies and meat stuffed meal is called sandwich and even Panini. Confused? You are right, they are not the same. There is a process that is followed to make Panini. You can say that every sandwich is not Panini but every Panini can be called a sandwich.

The name Panini comes from Panino and it is an Italian word for sandwiches. Usually, when you talk about sandwiches – it is more about stuffing which is in between two bread slices. While in Panini the bread used is different from the usual one. More specifically, Ciabatta or Focaccia (Focaccia is more or less a flatbread and Ciabatta is a dense loaf) are used and even Panini bread is made from scratch.

Making a sandwich is an easy task and you are free to use any type of bread, while it is not the same for Panini.

Panini bread has a lot to handle; it has to go through heat and pressure along with the stuffing inside it. One has to see that the bread does not tear down and that’s exactly why this bread has to be dense. The filling that you prepare, makes it more important to choose bread. If you are using too many sauces, mayonnaise, liquid cheese, and even creamy veggies, you have to pick a bread that can hold these wet components. Bread plays an important role if you would like to make a Panini, while it does not make any difference for any other sandwiches.

Also, choosing bread should be considered wisely for the bread to contribute its own flavour and Panini bread has lots to offer than regular bread

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