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Don’t you salivate completely on your loved Panini/Panera bread sandwiches and you ponder on how they make such scrumptious bread? The secret is about to be exposed and how it is made will make you go gaga for sure.

This bread is fluffy and soft making it an excellent choice to add your favourite stuffing, grilling it to excellence, and all this at the ease of your home.

What is panini

A delicious sandwich which is made with Italian bread and not using the regularly available bread. This snack or a meal on its own has taken over the bakery world and its popularity has increased throughout the world. There is a bakery which is quite famous and we all know it by the name of Panera Bread. They have been selling some amazing sandwiches for their customers and with our very own Panini bread recipe, you will be wearing a chef’s hat and bake some goodness.

The usual classic recipe uses some good salad and meat as stuffing and these are generally pressed in a sandwich maker. You can add in your own favorite filling and have it for lunch as well. Add in some cheese with the meat, veggies, and some sauce and there you are – the crispiness of the bread and the ooziness of cheese will surely melt your heart. Brunch, lunch, or dinner – it’s all arranged!

Bakery style Panini – Secret revealed!

There would be a reason as to why this recipe is the best and why it is as appealing as Panini bread. You will see and taste by yourself, once you use this secret recipe for making Panini. You can even use this recipe to make another form of bread and pizza dough.

To start with, let me tell you that you would need to follow a pre-fermentation process which is used by Italian bakers – called “BIGA” (flour and yeast are the main ingredients). This process helps the enzymes to increase their activity and you will get the softest bread. It also gives an amazing taste and flavor to the bread. Make sure that you follow this step

Usually, the dough includes flour, yeast oil, and salt to start with. There are two more ingredients that people do add or you can skip only if you wish to.

Malt extract – It works in place of sugar. Gives a hint of sweet flavor, do not overpower it by adding too much of this. In case you find it difficult to get this ingredient – you can use honey which is easily available at any grocery shop.

Sun-dried tomatoes – For Panini to have its wonderful flavor, you should add some dried tomatoes. If it isn’t handy, you can skip the same.

What more could you ask for? Not sure? Come to us and we will surprise you with the best-made Panini bread in town.


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