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Healthier – Pita

Healthier – Pita

Pita is considered the world’s most ancient form of bread and is still consumed every day in different parts of the world. Pita bread is a round flatbread made with wheat flour which is fermented.

This bread is pale in colour and turns out to be fluffy and soft in texture. When baked the bread comes out in two layers, thus creating a pocket in between which can be filled with salami, chicken, meat, sausages, veggies, and hummus. The yummiest filling is hummus and falafel. The carbohydrate in this bread is relatively low and the nutrients present are high compared to other bread in one serving.

Nutritional facts - 

Calcium, Vitamins & Minerals

Calcium in pita is 86 mg per 100 gms of serving, you can add some of your favourite yogurts and increase your per-day calcium intake which is necessary to build strong and healthy bones.


Daily fat recommended by RDA is around 97% and the fat present in pita is below 2 gms. This bread does not contain any saturated/trans-fat and fatty acids

Helps in digestion

Whole wheat is packed with fiber which assists the digestive system in normalising bowel movements. Pita has complex carbohydrates and in this, the food is digested very slowly compared to simple carbohydrates present in normal white bread, this slow digestion helps you feel fuller for a long time – thus maintaining your weight.


Typically, per serving of a non-keto bread would be approximately 20 gms and that of a pita bread would be 17 gms or a gram up. Comparatively to all the bread options available in the market, pita bread is low on carbs.


Protein is also found in wheat flour. 100 gms of pita has 9 gms of protein in it.

Per 100 gms -

  • Iron – 1.4 mg – good for hemoglobin – iron helps the body to produce this.
  • Sodium – 536 mg – this would be a low amount of sodium, as compared to what should be your daily intake.
  • Calorie – 275 calories in one serving of pita, this is low when compared to a sandwich which is made out of two slices of white bread.
  • Low glucose levels – Opting for whole wheat bread for white bread helps in regularizing sugar levels. The whole wheat present in pita helps in lowering the sugar levels

When to consume?

Pita is best consumed fresh; this bread tends to dry out easily. If pita bread is properly wrapped, it can last for a couple of days. Do check if the pita bread is soft and fluffy, this indicates its freshness. We bake the freshest pita which is made to deliver to your doorstep


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