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~ Shifting to a healthy lifestyle with these top 5 must-try vegan breads ~


With February being the month of endearment and affection, we all have creative thoughts brewing. Well, let’s make them healthier with vegan food joining the party and offering a paradigm but necessary shift in lifestyle. Hopping on the green train leading to veganism and elevating the nutritive value with healthy alternatives, people are becoming more conscious of what they consume, aligning more with cruelty-free, fitness-centric and eco-friendly foods by the day.


Keeping that in mind, Kneed, an artisanal bakery serving people with an extensive portfolio of vegan food products from bakery to butters, hummus and more, has curated a list of must try breads. For the loave of bread, let’s get it going now!


Olive & Herb Focaccia

Rich in dietary fibres and antioxidants, Olive and Herb Focaccia consists of anti-inflammatory properties and thus making it to the list of must-try breads. With the goodness of olives fused with omega-3 fatty acids, it is the perfect choice for you to include your daily life and boost your immunity.


5-Seed Gluten-free Bread

This bread helps in curbing the new-day concerns of grabbing a quick junk munchie on the way or consuming oily food as it aids in reducing cholesterol levels and consists of zero trans fat. Rich in dietary fibres, calcium and Choline that helps in maintaining liver health, this is a must-try baked bread for everyone who yearns to thrive on nutrition and wellness.


Maple & Oats Loaf

Maples and Oats Loaf is one of most loved loafs packed with Vitamin B, Zinc, Potassium and Antioxidants. With low glycemic index, it makes for a perfect pick to improve one's health and help them transition from a conventional way of living to the one that is healthier and makes more environmental as well as nutritive sense.



100% Whole Wheat and Quinoa Loaf

The classic blend of quinoa and whole wheat is aiding in uplifting the status of health as this bread consists of high protein, iron and magnesium. Resolving everyday concerns such as poor digestion, it is also contributing to preventing heart disease and obesity, making it one of the must-try breads.



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