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Best Gluten-Free Indian Food

Best Gluten-Free Indian Food

A protein found in grains like wheat, barley, spelt, etc., and all wheat varieties contain gluten (semolina, durum, wheat germ, and many more).

To give a chewy and stretchy to any dish, grains that contain gluten is used. A number of people are intolerant to gluten and it impacts their health. This is the reason why they have to add switch to a gluten-free diet. Having said this, those who are gluten intolerant don’t really have to eat food that they don’t like or even forget about their favourite food. It’s always said that one just needs to be more alert to the ingredients that’s been used in their dishes. Check if the ingredients are gluten-free and safe to use.

You just need to go into the kitchen mix up things and come up with your signature dishes with the ingredients and flavours of your choice. You can even find various recipes over the internet which is scrumptious and gluten-free.

An Indian meal has so much to offer when it comes to gluten-free grains and yummy recipes which are being passed on for centuries. Try some of the most healthy and gluten-free grains like maize, millet varieties, rice, quinoa, etc. Talking about millet, they are the most desired and healthy alternatives to choose from. It can be used in various forms – millet rice, desserts, roti’s, porridge, and much more.

Indian curries are widely known to be free from gluten. There are many options to choose from and we are listing a few options that you can keep in mind when you prepare the next meal.

1) Dosa

  1. Adai dosaCrispy and healthy dosa made with moong dal & rice. Nourishing and flavoursome
  2.  Other varieties – variations can be made by adding rice and other lentils along with some veggies of your choice. The batter for these dosas is fermented before use.

2) Roti

  1.       Gram flour roti – here one can use gram flour to make some nice roti’s/flatbread. Gram flour is protein-rich
  2.       Bajra/jowar – millets to the rescue. These are made in traditional villages and in Maharashtra, they are known as “bhaakar” and “rotlo” in Gujrat.
  3.       Makki (corn) roti – classic Punjabi roti made with cornmeal and this taste best with sarso ka saag
  4.       Akki (rice) – is a staple of Karnataka. This is made with rice flour

3) Bhajji/pakoda – gluten-free savoury snack and most favourite in the crowd. Add some onions to gram flour along with some spices and your onion bhajji is ready. One can even try adding vegetables of their choice to have a pakoda platter.

4) Batata vada – Traditional snack and most popular in Maharashtra – made with boiled potatoes with green chilies and some spices.

5) Pohaquintessential, quick, and straightforward item – flattened rice, veggies and spices are mixed together to give you an amazing taste. Have it for breakfast or lunch/dinner – it is sure to give your tummy a fulfilling feeling. Popular in the north and west of India.

6) Idli – another favourite and amongst the most healthy snacks. Lentils and rice fermented together and then steamed to get nice piping hot round cakes. Best to enjoy with coconut chutney and sambhar.

7) Cheela – You can even call it a vegetarian omelet. Add some gram flour, onions, spices, and turmeric to it

8) Khichdi – One pot meal and super healthy along with flavours to relish. It is called comfort food. Easy & quick to make.

9) Dhokla – a steamed snack made from gram flour batter which is fermented before – a nice splutter of mustard and curry leaves are added to give it a taste.

There are several others items as well, we have just given you a starter and you can explore it further.

Indian curries are famous throughout the world and mostly they are gluten-free, but if you go ahead and buy from the store – be rest assured that it is not adulterated with gluten. It is much safer to churn some good old spices at home – which are pure and aromatic. There is a lot more to offer and there is a wide range of Indian food available which is healthy and gluten-free


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