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Best foods to pair garlic bread with

Best foods to pair garlic bread with

Garlic bread is often served as a complementary dish with your favourite soups or pasta. But, it is much more than being a side dish. It can be made as a main dish, by garnishing it with some veggies, and cheese or even stuffing it with your favourite food items. Irrespective you buy this bread or bake it yourself; this can come in handy when you want to eat something easy and light in no time

Giving you some good options where you can pair this good old bread with -

Grilled bread & Meat

Cut some thick bread slices and place them on the grill, drizzle some olive, dry herbs, and minced garlic and let it stay there till it soaks all the flavor. Add a slice or two of salami or meat fillet and grill them with some salt, pepper, and herbs. Turn these after a few minutes, till the bread is crispy. Place some cheese if you wish to on the bread. Plate them and you can even accompany some sautéed vegetables and some mayo to finish the set-up.


For this salad, all you need is some boiled/grilled shredded chicken, toasted pine nuts, a handful of lettuce leaves, or baby spinach (tear them to bite-size pieces)¸some boiled eggs, and onion slices. Mix these all together. You can drizzle some olive oil, salt, and pepper and give a quick mix. Last but not least add in some mozzarella/feta or any cheese of your choice. Get your bread ready and voila you have your meal ready. You can even toast them till they are extra crispy and cut them into bite-size pieces, for a crouton-like feeling.


Store-bought or freshly made - any paste combined with some luscious sauce makes a great pair with garlic bread. Try using pasta that can hold more sauce in them – you can opt for hollow pasta like rigatoni, macaroni, cannelloni, penne, manicotti, etc. add some flavourful and spiced sausages with some veggies and cheese – ricotta, pecorino, or parmesan. You can even bake these by putting them in the oven and waiting till the top turns golden brown. Try making spaghetti with some prawns or mussels and savor the taste

Additionally, garlic bread can be served with hot soup and stews, fresh salads, grilled chicken, and peppers. Sautéed vegetables – mushroom, broccoli, spinach, and zucchini, topped with some cheese also make a great pair with garlic bread.

Whatever you think to eat, you can pair it with this bread. The limit is endless. A perfect partner for your hunger and you can have it at any time of the day.


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