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Baking Our Way To A Better You!

Times have been tough for all of us, especially with the onset of the pandemic. Industries have been impacted drastically, including the food and culinary sector that witnessed a major halt in the operations. The crisis served as a wake up call for the kneaders and culinary professionals to weigh their priorities; they realised how it might not be easy baking their way to a better world until and unless the preferences transcend the conventional way of working and turn more considerate - vegan, henceforward.
 This thought inspired two worlds apart bakers, Arjun and Uday to come together and initiate KNEED to match up with the need of the patrons and the world they aspire to create.
 The duo representing KNEED were walking their respective paths until the pandemic. From the national lockdown to the fear and panic COVID instilled in people made everyone understand how fragile our health is. This served as the first step in the flight of growth for the brand.
Although Arjun, with his extensive portfolio, established his own business here in India and Uday gained a rich experience in gastronomy across Spain, the two reconnected over a conversation. The discussion intensified with the minute and they wondered if this is the way to live. A common phrase, “the world changes when we change our approach” was brought to life in that moment - birthing KNEED.
They often preach to make love, not war; but the sustainability crises across the world had the power duo shook. The inorganic and chemical-infused products in the market involved hurting fellow earth-mates, animals and it was not okay to boost the nation's health-fragility with half-baked nutrition and cruelty-involved baked bites. KNEED understood the need to go vegan and prepare delicious bakery and edibles with dairy-free, healthy ingredients and recipes to die for!
 Going green with our ingredients and operations is helping us to strike a balance between nutrition and taste without compromising with the flavour palette that nature offers. It is aiding us to support your morals and health in a scrumptious way - thus helping us bake our way to a better YOU!




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