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Veganism has been making waves worldwide and people are getting more aware of how it is a lifestyle more than “just something you eat”. It represents the concerns one shares for their fellow beings that are only restricted to humans but also paying attention to the environmental cover and contributing to animal welfare as they go cruelty-free. The green wave of veganism is reinforcing a system where people are being drawn to empathy and also simultaneously focusing on getting their nutritional value but no through malevolent measures or ways. 

With artisanal bakeries making their way through the market, baking is soon becoming a path for people to unleash their baking talents and contribute to the green wave with their environmentally friendly dishes. Using alternatives to dairy and meat products, the vegan wave is inspiring people to opt for substitutes including classic gluten-free breads, pecan peanut butter, chocolate alchemy granola, roasted beetroot hummus, tomato spreadip and other such products.

 Kneed, an artisanal bakery with a vision to transform this world with a green lens and create a safe vegan space for all beings to thrive, has stepped up responsibly and is aceing the vegan marathon. Offering spiced buns, dark belgian chocolate buns, maple oats and loaf amongst other vegan foods mentioned above, it is leaving a green mark for generations to follow suit. Complemented the baked products with new additions to the menu including chocolate and belgian bliss bars, coconut and berries bliss bars amongst other loved products, the bakery is carving a digitised path for people to access and order vegan products online. Delivering at the comfort of their homes with a tap on the screen, Kneed is baking through the green wave and inspiring the youth, as well as startups and womenpreneurs to bake their way through the green wave and bring a much-needed change in the society.

In addition to motivating people, it certainly has received immense love from the people of the city and delivers delicious healthy baked treats for one to relish. If you haven’t tried it yet, let’s get going and check out what has to offer!


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